An Update...

Some changes to Product Solving

Hey Product Solving subscribers! 👋

I hope you are all doing well as we are all still staying close to home and not going out quite as much. This time has been a great opportunity for spending more time with family and building new things. In fact, that is how Product Solving was born!

Over the last few months, I have published something every week about Product Management, Mental Models, and Product Thinking. The newsletter has grown from a couple coworkers and my wife at the end of May to 381 people only 110 days later with some articles having thousands of views each.

One of the main questions I have been asking myself is: What unique value does Product Solving bring to the product ecosystem? There are a lot of company-run blogs, product-focused newsletters, and high-profile product experts on Twitter providing a lot of great insight... what sets Product Solving apart?

So, a few weeks back, I asked each of you to fill out a survey to help steer where Product Solving was headed and what topics were most interesting to you. By far, the most common answer was Product Strategy. This was really surprising to me as I thought the readership was more tactically focused product managers. Strategy was closely followed by Product and Mental Models. This seemed more in line with what I expected.

After noodling on these results for the last few weeks, combining them with things that I find interesting (and frankly things that I enjoy learning about) I have landed on a bit of a pivot for Product Solving.

What is Product Solving?

This newsletter started as an exploration into the application of mental models to building products. Today, this newsletter still retains that spirit but reflects the ideas in a bit of a different way.

Moving forward, Product Solving will focus specifically on decision-making and how to apply decision-making techniques in product. This will be inclusive of making decisions around strategy and day-to-day operations. The best example articles are Competitors Who Aren't and Product Sieve, but will also include things like Making Decisions about Technical Debt (upcoming) and When You Shouldn't Listen to Your Stakeholders (upcoming).

All future articles will be a similar format, but, hopefully, will provide a source of high quality content in the product decision-making niche which seems to be a bit underserved (in my opinion).

What about the frequency?

Every week seems to be a bit too frequent to produce a high-quality piece of writing every week while maintaining my output at my company and spending time with my family. I find myself frequently publishing posts without having them reviewed/edited and I want to do better for you all.

So instead of posting every week, I am planning to move to a more fluid posting schedule. However, I intend to post something at least every two weeks. This means there will be some weeks where I publish more than I currently do and some weeks where I may not send a newsletter.

Hopefully you all will agree that for a free newsletter, such as Product Solving, less-frequent, high-quality essays provides more value. Let me know if you disagree on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter

Thanks to Joseph, I now own and @ProductSolving on Twitter. 🎉 While is still under construction, it will be a landing/start here page for any newcomers to the Product Solving family. It will also provide a place for future expansions on the Product Solving brand (potentially podcasts or other newsletters/blogs).

As far as the @ProductSolving Twitter handle goes, I intend to start using that right away. It will serve 2 purposes:

  1. Notes, thoughts, questions, and previews of articles that are currently in progress but not yet published. I hope you all will get involved in helping shape some thoughts around these complex ideas early in the process.

  2. I am going to be highlighting anything I read and think is worthwhile for you to read as well. I spend dozens of hours reading different product articles and book each week and will distill down the highlights in this feed. Think of this as a curated feed of the best product related content on the web.

What does this mean for you?

Hopefully you are excited about decision-making in product. I believe effective decision-making is one of the most important things a product person does. Idea generation, ticket creation, requirements documents, and more don't mean anything if we haven't made good decisions about what to build, who to consult, and why it matters.


  • Product Solving is now highly focused on decision-making in product

  • Newsletters will be sent "when ready" instead of a weekly basis

  • is coming soon!

  • @ProductSolving is here for you to follow on Twitter

I am hoping to get the next piece on technical debt out the door this week and have something related to stakeholder management right on it's heels. Thanks for being a fan of Product Solving, supporting the newsletter, and I am looking forward to the next phase.

- Tyler